RAW - Quick Data Visualization

RAW lets you upload tabular data in various text-based formats (CSV, TSV etc.) and create instant graphical visualization of your data. Visualization types include Alluvial Diagram, Bump Chart, Circle Packing, Circular Dendrogram etc. The final output can be exported as SVG or PNG.

Site: http://app.raw.densitydesign.org/

Method Draw

Method Draw is a browser-based vector image editor. It is able to open SVG files and import most bitmap image files, as well as export the final image to PNG. Most basic vector editing functions are available, including lines, shapes, paths, text etc.

Site: http://editor.method.ac/

Inliner: Create a single HTML file with everything inlined

Inliner creates a single HTML file with everything inlined, given any URL. It inlines all Javascript, CSS and image files used by the base HTML file. It also minifies the Javascript files, strips whitespaces from the CSS, and base64-encodes the images during the inlining process.

Site: http://inliner.webapplist.com/


5iler (pronounced "filer") is a minimalist notepad that gives you only 5 pages with different colours. The idea is to keep everything manageable by limiting your options, hence only 5 pages. It saves automatically to the browser's local storage, but you also have the option to syncing to your Dropbox account. Various keyboard shortcuts are available to apply formatting and create headers, lists etc.

Site: https://5iler.com/me/


MergeFil.es merges multiple files of varying formats (PDF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, images, HTML, text files) into one consolidated PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, or audio file. It lets you upload all required files from one folder, order them to your preference, select the output file format, then gets to work.

Site: http://www.mergefil.es/